Coaches Wanted

In order to grow our sport and develop our players to their full potential we are looking for the most qualified persons available within our membership or the community.
Why Coach?
There are many reasons why people get involved in coaching a community sport. Here are a few:
• as parents we want to spend time with our child in an active way;
• as individuals we want to volunteer and get involved in our community;
• as teachers we have taken on extra-curricular school activities;
• as athletes we want to pursue our passion in a different direction and give back to our community;
• as fans we simply love sport and want to give coaching a try.

What does it take to become a coach?
One of the key ingredients of all coaches – passion!
Here is a list of other skills that are useful to becoming a community coach:
• Enjoy working with children
• Ability to be creative and to improvise
• Communication and interpersonal skills
• Ability to work within a team environment
• Ability to lead effectively
• Problem-solving skills
• Critical-thinking skills
Don’t worry if you think you don’t have some of these skills – you’ll find that if you simply go out there and give it a try, you will find that the skills will develop with time and practice.
It’s also not important at first to know every technical aspect of the sport you choose to coach – far more important is the passion and enthusiasm you bring to the role.

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In addition to head and assistant coaches, we are also interested in finding:
• Junior coaches
• Skating coaches (power skating)
• Ringette skill coaches (passing, receiving the ring, shooting, defensive triangle, strategy)
• Goalie coaches and
• Coach mentors to work with our coaching staff

If any of this interests you, please complete the attached coaching application and return to me by May 8, 2016.

 Request for coaches (Word Doc)

 Request for coaches (PDF)


SWRR Director of Coaching