Long term athletic development or LTAD, is a model by which coaches and trainers can identify the best, most effective method of training for athletes through each age and stage of development. This model is also important for both parents and athletes to be able to identify which stage the athlete is at, and if their participation, training and development is on track.

There are two types of sports, early specialization and late specialization. Ringette (as in all team sports) falls under the category of late specialization. The Ringette model is divided in to six categories:


Active Start - 0 to 6 years

Fundamentals - 6 to 8 years

Learning to Train (Early in Stage and Late in Stage) - females 8 to 11 years/males 9 to 12 years

Training to Train (Early in Stage and Late in Stage) - females 12 to 15 years/males 13 to 16 years

Train to Compete - females 16 to 18 years/males 17 to 18 years

Learn to Win/Train to Win - females 18 - 19 years/19+ and males 19 to 20 years/20+


See the documentation from Ringette Canada here. This follows everything from Skating Skills to Ring Skills, Goalkeeper Skills and Psychological Development.



With respect to Long Term Athletic Development by age, the Canadian Sport for Life modelshows us that for girls up to age 11 and boys age 12, our children are in the Physical Literacystage - learning the fundamentals of sport and movement and from the ages of 11 and 12 up respectively until their mid 20's they are building on their physical and mental capability.


“At the first four stages, our children are
competing too often with over-zealous parents and
coaches wanting to win, robbing them of the
opportunity to have fun and develop skills that will
enable them to be successful.”
- Steve Norris PhD


Ages 23 and above is for Training to Win and is for high perfomance sport. These later stages are to set up our children to be Active for Life.



To view the various stages in detail please refer to the Parents section of the Canadian Sport for Life website, and read through the Related LTAD Stages.



For more information please visit the LTAD for Ringette Canada and BC Ringette Assoc. LTAD Overview